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Energy Audits

With power prices continuing to rise, we believe that understanding your current electrical installation is important, so you know where your money is being spent and how you can subsequently cut costs.


At Southern LED Solutions we can carry out energy audits across any domestic, commercial or industrial installation to show our clients their current energy consumption, and thus total cost of their existing electrical installation, so they can see where their money is being spent.

Power consumption can be measured across various individual circuit types (power and/or lighting) to give the most accurate breakdown of energy usage.

The example to the right tracked power consumption for multiple lighting circuits over a 2 month sample period (1 month pre LED and 1 month Post LED), with varying types of LED fittings replacing existing Non-LED fittings.

A kW cost rate of $0.25 was applied, and the end result showed a projected annual savings of $19,205.55. For this particular installation the return on investment (ROI) was approximately 2.5 years.