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Our Products    

LED lighting is a fast moving industry, and at Southern LED Solutions, we only use the most advanced LED chip technology in our SOLAS products, to ensure our customers achieve maximum benefit for their investment.       


Our mainstream product range is displayed below, and at Southern LED Solutions we constantly work closely with our manufacturers, to produce and deliver the highest quality products at the right price for our customers, ensuring maximum benefits are achieved from making the switch to LED.

Over and above our mainstream range, we can also provide LED lighting solutions tailored to any of our clients specifications.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we determine final product costs on a project to project basis, which ensures our clients receive a tailored solution, aligned with their budget. We take this approach, as we believe that making the switch to LED, should be a viable option for everyone looking to enhance their lighting installation in an environmentally friendly way.

All our SOLAS LED lighting products are SAA certified where applicable, and approved to be sold within Australia & New Zealand, along with the rest of the world. We are always on hand to answer any of our clients general and technical queries regarding our products.

Please view our product Warranty Policy here, and for warranty claims, please download our Warranty Claim Form and submit via email or post.