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Potential Cost Savings

Reducing overall power consumption, and subsequently reducing ongoing operating and maintenance costs, is a key driver for switching to LED lighting.

At Southern LED Solutions we are always excited by the prospect of working with new clients, to show them how our products can help them save money in an environmentally friendly way.

The direct power and cost savings achieved, as a result of changing over to LED lighting, is just one benefit of making the switch. Reduced operating costs of other equipment, such as air-conditioning, is another, especially in commercial environments.

Our energy audit service can highlight the other areas where savings are achieved as a result of switching to LED lighting.

Return on Investment (ROI)

At Southern LED Solutions we understand that LED lighting changeovers can be a significant investment, and that it’s important to see how that investment will work financially.

With the right information provided, we can show our clients just how valuable their investment would be. We believe that any return on investment below 4 years is excellent, and we aim to have our lighting solutions providing an ROI of under 3 years.

We can also estimate the cost of maintaining existing lighting installations over their lifespan, and factor that in to final calculations. As reducing ongoing maintenance costs is also a key driver for switching to LED, we believe this is an important factor to consider in any return on investment scenario.

Finance Option

Cash flow is extremely important for every household and business, and at Southern LED Solutions we understand this. When it comes to converting to LED lighting, it can be a significant investment as previously mentioned. To support this fact, Southern LED Solutions works in with conjunction with Barrel Finance & Logistics, to provide affordable payment plans which make the investment a more viable option, whilst still maintaining an excellent return on investment.

This option is aimed at ensuring our clients start reaping the significant energy & cost saving benefits that come with LED lighting, sooner rather than later.

The advantages of the finance option we provide are:

    • NO assets required as security
    • NO financials required
    • NO Directors guarantee required